Dell Launches the Latitude 3330: Targets the Education Sector


Schools nowadays are considering the switch from textbooks to tablets. Dell, however, believes that laptops are still relevant and important to help mold tomorrow’s leaders. The Dell Latitude 3330 was launched yesterday and it offers robust computing features required to maximize learning productivity and support for personalized learning opportunities in the classroom. It is also compatible with Dell’s Education Cloud Solutions and Services to improve learning for students.

Dell says it’s very easy for the Latitude 3330 to be integrated into a school’s existing IT infrastructure, speeding up time to classroom and saving time and money. The form factor of the Latitude 3330 is sleek and lightweight, and its sturdy design can endure the demands of students. It can easily fit on the classroom desks and backpacks and can be brought without breaking the students’ backs.

Dell developed the Latitude 3330 to increase student access to technology and work in as many IT environments as possible. It fully supports Microsoft Windows 8, Windows 7 and Linux Ubuntu, giving students the ability to produce, consume and share information, as well as leverage common learning applications and software to personalize their learning experience during the school day and at home. It is powered by an Intel Core i5 processor with 4GB of memory, 13.3-inch anti-glare screen, 720 HD Webcam, and WiDi support for virtual classroom collaboration. Students will have the option of choosing between hard drives and SSD as their preferred storage.


The newest Dell Mobile Computing Cart solution was also announced yesterday, and is available in managed and unmanaged options and enables secure storage, charging and transport for easy mobility. It is designed to accommodate a variety of form factors and screen sizes, including Dell tablets, Ultrabooks, laptops and up to 30 Latitude 3330s. The managed cart option allows for remote management and IT updates, ideal for managing a fleet of systems between multiple campus locations.

“The Latitude 3330 delivers exceptional value and extends Dell Latitude’s superior manageability, security and reliability to a thin, light laptop with agile performance, mobility and a full, robust computing experience that is ideal for schools and small businesses,” said Christopher Papa, country manager, Dell Philippines. “Dell’s heritage is built on empowering our customers with user-focused devices, unbeatable back-end expertise and cost-effective, tailored solutions that empower end-users and IT administrators alike.”

The Dell Latitude 3330 is now available and starts at US$ 680.00 (roughly around P28,000 excluding duties and taxes). The Dell Mobile Computing Cart will be available in the coming months.

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