COVID-19 PH Hospitals Tighten Cybersecurity With PLDT

The sudden outbreak leaves PH hospital systems vulnerable to prying cybercriminals. Hospitals are now turning to strengthened cybersecurity strategies with PLDT to defend against these attacks.

These cyberattacks are unfortunately very real and cybercriminals are truly targeting hospitals to their advantage. Moreover, even the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has taken notice on such heinous acts, raising alerts on cybersecurity threats.

The damage done is also unfortunately very fatal to all patients of attacked hospitals in this sensitive times. An example to this is when a Czech Republic COVID-19 center hospital had a cyberattack that forced them to shut down their systems. Which, in turn, meant delayed surgeries and relocated patients.

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Thus, to prevent all these happening, DICT is urging hospitals to have emergency backup systems for both databases and infrastructure in case of severe forced shutdowns. All in hopes from operational continuity even if attacked with malware.

Recognizing the immediate and crucial need PLDT Enterprise is stepping up to the cybercriminals’ challenge. PLDT Enterprise, through its ICT arm ePLDT Inc., will be offering a three-month cyber threat monitoring and response solution for hospitals. The ePLDT Security Operations Center powers the service to healthcare centers and hospitals in the country.

Many hospitals have been using this service starting with Metro Pacific Hospital Holdings, Inc. (MPHHI) hospitals. Apart from them, these hospitals are remaining vigilant as well: West Metro Medical, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, St. Elizabeth Hospital, and Davao Doctors Hospital, and Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital

COVID-19 remains a priority for the time being and the foreseeable future for the country and the world’s healthcare facilities. This crucial time in hopefully bending the curve is pushed to be worry free with PLDT Enterprise and ePLDT SOCaaS free services. Free SOCaas also extends to other industries including government and manufacturing to help lessen COVID-19’s blow.

Learn more about ePLDT cybersecurity on their website.

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