Could these be the new Cherry Mobile Flare S8 Series?

The Cherry Mobile Flare S series will be launched earlier this year instead of their usual 4th quarter schedule. We have no idea what the Flare S8 would look like, until we saw this teaser in their Facebook page:

Could these be the new Cherry Mobile Flare S8 series? We haven’t received confirmation from our friends at Cherry Mobile, but methinks these are indeed the Flare S8 series. In the teaser we saw three variants of different sizes. Recent Flare series phones always comes in threes.

What caught our attention is the biggest phone in the series.

The phone has a full screen display without a notch. Instead, the dual front cameras pop-up whenever you need to take selfies! It looks really gorgeous!

We’ll find out if these are the new Flare S8 series in a few days.

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