Converge equips SMEs and Large Enterprises through Converge Business

Converge ICT Solutions Inc. takes a step further to mark its stamp in the B2B sector with Converge Business. This umbrella brand for all business connectivity, data transport, and other ICT solutions, enables small and medium enterprises, as well as conglomerates and large enterprises to thrive and progress forward.

“The pandemic has revealed the vulnerability of businesses, especially those who do not have digitally-enabled models. Seeing this, we at Converge knew we needed to be more innovative, progressive, and aggressive in the B2B segment as we want to continuously equip the Filipino businesses to be competitive in their respective industries,” said Jesus Romero, Converge Chief Operations Officer.

Being true to its mission of being a world-class ICT Company, Converge offers the most resilient and superior fiber-optic service in the Philippines that continues to delight millions of its users in the consumer space, while serving a growing number of business clients in the SME (small-medium enterprises), Enterprise and Wholesale segment. With Converge Business, enterprises can have dynamic private data connectivity and internet services to boost work productivity and efficiency.

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Converge Business has various segments under its umbrella to better address market need through their SME Services, Wholesale, and Enterprise Solutions. Providing scalable options to have flexibility in connectivity, SMEs can maximize their operations with the flexiBiz Day Plan and flexiBiz Peak which provide high-speed internet connectivity during peak hours of the day. While the Enterprise segment caters to larger corporations offering competitively priced connectivity services such as Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – Time of Day, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) – Upload, and Cloud connectivity, that offers premium fiber for high performance and private data connectivity. These industry-pioneering solutions enable businesses to be flexible in their bandwidth usage, hosting and uploading requirements, and in delivering information over a secured shared network.

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Aside from the company’s continuous network augmentation efforts that enable it to provide impactful solutions to businesses, they ensure a differentiated customer experience for their clients. This is made possible by their all in-house capabilities that guarantee quality service delivery throughout their value chain – from network engineering, installation, sales, and customer support. Along with the lowest trouble index in the market at 1%, businesses are
assured of reliability in connectivity and service.

“As the lifeline of many during this pandemic, we want to help the hundreds of thriving businesses in the Philippines to embrace digitalization and its benefits. Converge Business is here to provide enterprises with superior, relevant, and impactful ICT solutions that will drive great results for every business segment. We want to empower individuals and businesses to become more agile to stand above in these unprecedented times,” said Converge Co-Founder and CEO, Dennis Anthony H. Uy.

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