Coming Very Soon: Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Unpacked 2016

It’s been almost a year since I last attended the Unpacked event of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It was one of the best smartphones/phablets of 2015 and it even landed on the Number 2 spot of my Top 10 Smartphones last year. Galaxy Note fans are now anticipating the latest phone model as news of its unveiling will happen in a few days.

Let me make this clear – the latest Galaxy Note will be called the Galaxy Note 7. We know it should be the Note 6 if we are to follow its version numbers correctly, but according to our friends in Samsung Mobile Philippines the Note 7 will complement their Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge and unify their product portfolio. So maybe the new Galaxy Note will not be a separate line anymore to avoid any confusion to their customers. That kinda makes sense, me thinks.

The Unpacked event will happen simultaneously in New York, London and Rio de Janeiro on August 2. If you want to watch the livestreaming of the New York event, be ready to be wide awake as it will happen on the same date at 11am EDT which means 11pm Philippine time via

I’ll be doing the coverage on this as well, so check out my posts immediately after the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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