CloudFone Releases The Thrill 530qx with 4500 mAh Battery



It was a week of tech events and just as I thought that I will be able to rest on a Saturday, the folks from CloudFone invited me through student blogger Jerome Ancheta (JAM Online) and we proceeded to meet with them that afternoon. There’s a new Android smartphone in town and it is called the CloudFone Thrill 530qx.



The CloudFone Thrill 530qx sports a large 5.3″ IPS qHD display and is powered by an MTK 6589M 1.2GHz Quad Core processor. The weight is quite heavy, possibly heavier than the Cherry Mobile Titan which I think is one of the heaviest phones I’ve owned. The reason for this is the massive battery capacity of 4500 mAh. With mobile data turned on as a wireless hotspot, my estimate is the Thrill 530qx can survive at least a day and a half up to 2 days of continuous use.


The very long battery life of the Thrill 530qx is a dream come true for both regular and power users. It may seem to be a norm nowadays to bring their powerbanks and charge their smartphones twice a day, but with the Thrill 530qx, users who find it inconvenient to charge their phones daily should not encounter this dilemma anymore. For those people who are thinking if a spare battery will be available for this model, unfortunately, it is not user-replaceable and it would need to be brought to the service center in case there is a problem.

The CloudFone Thrill will be available in the market for a retail price of PHp 9,999.00. Stay tuned for a review as CloudFone will lend me a unit by next week.

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