CloudFone Excite 355g: The Sturdiest and Cheapest Smartphone with Mobile TV

Looking for a sturdy but wallet-friendly smartphone that allows you to chat with your friends and watch your favorite local TV shows? Then the CloudFone Excite 355g is for you.

The newest addition to the CloudFone dual-sim family boasts of a 3.5-inch screen housed in a rubber matte casing that offers a nice, smooth texture that’s far from the usual cheap plastic feel that most entry level smartphones have. Diagonal ridges have been engraved on its back cover to make the device easier to grip, and should you accidentally drop it, you’ll be happy to know that it doesn’t scratch easily.

Excite 355g (1)

Underneath the Excite 355g’s durable shell are specs that enable you to do basic multi-tasking. It runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean and sports a 1.2GHz MTK6572Dual Core processor and an internal 2GB memory that’s upgradable to 32GB. Since you’ll probably watch your telenovelas on this nifty device, you’re probably worried about battery, but the 355g solves that with a 1400maH pack that will keep it juiced.

Excite 355g (2)

The best part is that you can get it for only Php 2,299.

Check out the complete specs below!


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