Chomp Your Way Through the City with Pac-Man on Google Maps!

Google Pac-Man on Desktop

What better way to virtually roam the Metro’s almost empty streets than with a classic game of Pac-Man?

In the tradition of having fun on April Fools’ Day, Google Maps now features location-based Pac-Man interface which you can play either on your desktop computer or your mobile phone.

It’s pretty easy to do on your computer: simply launch Google Maps and click the button on the the left-hand corner of your browser. A playable area will immediately overlap on your street view.

Google Pac-Man on Desktop

It’s more complicated on mobile, since you’ll need to follow provided clues and look for where Pac-Man is — much like that old school game “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego”. You’ll be able to play once you find him.

Google Maps isn’t only Google’s April Fools’ “victim”. The augmented reality MMORPG Ingress also gets a taste of Pac-Man. Check it out here.

Pac-man on Ingress

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