CherryRoam Offers Affordable Roaming Rates

One of the challenges a traveler face is looking for an internet connection. Whenever when we are in another country, we always look for WiFi hotspots for the following reasons: famous places to visit, directions to your next destination, or simply communicate with friends and loved ones. The problem is, they are unsecured and you might end up being a victim of hacking. While roaming with your telco provider is a good alternative, some consumers find it expensive. Others offer slow connectivity. Cherry Mobile understands the sentiments of these travelers so they introduced CherryRoam, the ultimate travel WiFi roaming service.

CherryRoam provides up to 4G LTE-connectivity with fast, stable, and secured internet connection to over 100+ countries worldwife. The device is powered by GlocalMe, the global leader in CloudSIM technology. Users of CherryRoam can upload vacation photos and cherished moments with your loved ones anywhere in the world in real time.

Sporting a 4-inch touchscreen display, the device allows you to keep track of your data usage with its real-time monitoring feature. It is packed with a Qualcomm 4G LTE chipset – giving you a high-speed 4G WiFi connection, connecting up to five devices. You can also connect automatically to the best network coverage anytime with its CloudSIM technology. Bonus feature, it also doubles as a power bank with a whopping capacity of 5,350 mAh, lasting you 15-long hours!

CherryRoam’s flexible global per gigabyte rates and long validity packages allow cheaper data roaming costs. For as low as P250, users can enjoy 1GB of data valid for three days at your favorite travel destinations like Japan, South Korea and China. Users can also avail an unlimited day pass with 1GB data and unlimited browsing internet access. Customers can purchase any data packages weeks or even days before their scheduled travel. They have the option to control their usage through the CherryRoam app which can be downloaded in Google Play or App Store. With the app, users can manage their data packages, monitor data usage, or top-up credits – offering more convenience and ease to the consumers.

With over 100+ destinations globally that it covers, travelers can also choose from special packages at an affordable rate. The device’s flexible rates empower users to select the data package suited to their travel needs. Plus, they can purchase roaming voucher credits which have no expiration dates.

Consumers can also rent CherryRoam by going to the website, fill-up the information required and preferred data package. The device can be delivered to their doorstep or can be picked up at accredited hubs such as Travel Club outlets.

For more information, visit the CherryRoam website

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