CherryRoam-Mastercard Forms Partnership

CherryRoam, the Philippines’ ultimate travel WiFi partner, and Mastercard, the leading payment brand, now offers exclusive deals to all Mastercard cardholders in the Philippines through a joint promotion.

Mastercard cardholders can now purchase their own CherryRoam device for only P6,290 from its original price of P6,990. Aside from the discount, you will also receive P500 worth of FREE credits that you can use on your trip abroad.

To take advantage of this offer, simply visit CherryRoam’s website, order your device, and have it delivered free to your doorstep in time for your trip.

“Since the launch of CherryRoam last year, there has been a significant increase on the number of CherryRoam users,” shares Jacy Chua, CMCI’s Finance Officer. “Now with Mastercard, we hope to bring the device to a wider range of Filipino travelers and provide them a hassle-free connectivity during their trips with our flexible global rates for as low as P250. You can now easily upload your photos, pin your current locations on social media, or check your e-mails as you roam around the world. Plus, it’s very exciting because you get to purchase CherryRoam with big savings.”

This exclusive promotion is open to all Mastercard credit,debit, and prepaid cardholders nationwide.

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