Cherry Mobile’s Other Price List – The Rest of the Best


 If I consider Cherry Mobile’s first price list featuring Android devices as the Best of the Rest, then their Feature Phone lineup would be the he Rest of the Best. The list covers 42 feature phones, making it 84 all in all for their offerings this last quarter of 2013.

What are the phones that piqued my interest so far?



The Return of the P1 – This is unexpected. We haven’t seen the famous P1 model of Cherry Mobile for the past 2 years and now it’s back! According to the flyer, it may have the same shape of the original P1 but is packed with more features. It now comes with a Camera, Bluetooth 3.0, FM Radio, and expandable memory card up to 4GB. Another interesting set of features here include a Smartphone Remote Dialer and SMS Bluetooth Viewer. I can understand what it’s supposed to do but I would like to play with it in the near future and know what it really does. With these new features, I am so glad to know that the SRP of the P1 is still priced low at Php 799.00.


E1 – This must be the most affordable phone with WiFi connectivity. The E1 comes with a QWERTY keypad, a 1.3 Megapixel camera, and Viber pre-installed to send free messages or make free calls to anybody in the world. SRP is Php 1,199.00.


W7i – There are other phone models like the W1 and W5 with WiFi and TV, but for Php 200 more you can still have both with a larger 3.5″ screen. The W7i costs Php 1,499.00.

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G1 – Is it a watch? Is it a phone? Is it a Smartwatch? The G1 can be used both as a phone and a wristwatch. The picture suggests that the LCD part can be removed and placed on to the strap of the watch or attached to its keypad as a phone. Interesting, isn’t it? And it’s not as expensive as the smartwatch with its pricetag of Php 1,699.00.


U1 – Cherry Mobile released similar phones in the past so this is nothing new. But with the disasters plaguing our country, I think it’s best to have such phone when the situation calls for it. The U1 is labeled as a certified waterproof and dustproof phone with hardshell housing. It’s a quad-band phone that can be used everywhere in the world including Canada and the U.S. Price is Php 1,999.00.

Do any of these interest you, or do you have other phone models in the list that you are more keen on buying? Type in your comments below. Maybe I can request for a few units to review.

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8 years ago

I’d like to see a review on cherry mobile p1. Thank you

8 years ago

Review please of cherry mobile P1. :)) thanks.

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