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#COMPUTEX2019: Indulge in the ROG Mothership GZ700’s Magnificence

See the devastating ROG Mothership GZ700 in different angles and feel the entirety of its grandeur. The ROG Mothership is ASUS’ strongest gaming laptop in existence as it arrogantly possesses a heavy combination. The GZ700 is packed with an Intel® CoreTM i9-9980HK CPU, a trio of NVMe M.2 PCI SSD in RAID 0 configuration and a Nvidia GeForce […]

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First Look: Torque Ego Tab S

Torque is a brand that has been around the mobile phone industry since 2008. In fact, they’re the 2nd local phone brand to enter the market after MyPhone which made a splash a year earlier. They were aggressive during their early years, introducing a few products that were considered firsts in the Philippines. As more […]

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