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Smarter Robotics Wants to Power the Future with A.I. and Humanoid Robotics

Whenever I hear “A.I.” and “robotics” uttered in the same breath, they’re often followed by “Skynet” or “Terminator” and lengthy discussions about the exploits of Sarah Connor in preventing a worldwide hostile robot takeover. But the people behind Smarter Robotics speak of a friendlier, and much more positive spin on these terms. It is their […]

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The New PLDT Home Fam Cam – Sleek Design with Improved Security Coverage

The PLDT Home Fam Cam, the telco giant’s home monitoring system, is now available in two new models equipped with more advanced features in its visual coverage, motion and sound detection, and high-definition (HD) quality images. The all-new Basic Fam Cam can now move to a 120-degree wide angle for better visual coverage. It also features night […]

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Sophos Releases New Report on Matrix Ransomware

Sophos released a new report about a ransomware family called Matrix. The malware has been operating since 2016 and Sophos has tracked 96 samples in the wild. Like previous targeted ransomware, including BitPaymer, Dharma and SamSam, the attackers who are infecting computers with Matrix have been breaking in to enterprise networks and infecting those computers […]

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SOPHOS 2019 Threat Report: Your Anti-Virus Alone is No Longer Enough

The recent findings of the Sophos 2019 Threat Report highlighted how cybercriminals are stepping up their game and are outsmarting and overpowering traditional antivirus or endpoint security solutions. Unfortunately, many Filipino organizations today still think that these suffice as cybersecurity measures. However, these are only equipped to block known threats and can only play catch […]

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