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First Look: OPPO F5

OPPO has just launched its latest phone model that does not only offer superb viewing, but also exceptional camera experience. At first, I thought the OPPO F5 is just another new phone that has a large 18:9 screen ratio made popular by the Samsung Galaxy S8. Actually, that’s just one of the new features of […]

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The Devant 55UHV200 Review 4K LED TV

I previously reviewed the Devant 65UHD200 Review 4K LED TV which my family really enjoyed during the holiday season. When the delivery guys from Devant arrived to retrieve the 65″ TV, my dad was like “oh well, back to the good old 29″ TV.” Not quite. After the 65UHD TV was placed inside the box, they […]

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Review: OPPO F3 Plus

I posted my first impressions of the OPPO F3 Plus months ago during its launch. OPPO’s marketing was heavy on the F3 and F3 Plus in the past couple of months. It was effective enough to make potential buyers check out the units in the stores. Question is, is the F3 Plus really good? OPPO F3 […]

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