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Review: MiLi Power Spring 5

I’ve been wanting to buy a battery pack specifically made for an iPhone 5 ever since LTE for everyone’s favorite smartphone was introduced earlier this year. If some iPhone users are already complaining about its battery life, what more to those who are using its LTE connection? Boy, am I glad MiLi learned about my […]

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New Gadget Bag

‘Been wanting looking for a Crumpler bag after I got myself a UMPC a few months ago. I didn’t like the idea at first because a lot of Singaporeans here have these bags and I wanted to be different. The Crumpler fevah eventually hit me since their designs are undeniably cool and they have some […]

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Low-Priced Memory Card

  After waiting for several months, I finally got a 1GB MicroSD card for only Php 545.00 (around US $11.16). The last time I got a 256 MB MicroSD card from a friend was last September and it was priced at Php 800.00! (US$ 16.38). Now I have more space for my HTC Cavalier’s files. Now if I’m tempted […]

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