Canon Philippines Presents Digital Masterclass Series

Canon is holding a digital masterclass series for free with Canon ambassadors and veteran shooters! You can participate with your favorite and most appropriate gurus to teach you all the basics and advanced techniques. Get valuable tips and tricks from professionals all for free at home.

Started March 31, 2020 lasting until April 28, 2020, Canon will be hosting this on their Official Facebook account. This masterclass will be covering both photography and videography taught by these lauded visual storytellers themselves. They’ve also posted the online workshops schedules with a great range of topics.

Points of learning go from food photography, architectural and interior, wedding and music events, vlogging and many more. Even if you’re just starting out, this masterclass will still be helpful for you!

Check out the Canon Digital Masterclass workshop schedules aligned with topics that might be helpful for you.

Get more updates on Canon’s Official Facebook account.

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