Canon EOS R5: Canon’s Peerless Full- Frame Mirrorless Camera

The Canon EOS R5 will be hitting the shelves with us so unprepared. We’ll be seeing a full- frame mirrorless camera in entirely a different league of its own. No joke. Basically specs so good, it’s unbelievable.

It’s legitimately unbridled power in a compact DLSR. The EOS R5 is also capable of shooting full-frame, un-cropped RAW 8K at 30fps as well 4K at 120fps, a feat that hasn’t been quite achieved by any other hybrid camera. Excellent still shots and top burst shooting rates follow, but it’s clear what’s truly the highlight of this camera.

Moreover you can record 4K videos internally and externally. The EOS R5 also makes way to four times 4K resolution letting users pan out and crop within the frame and still retain FHD+. Dual Pixel CMOS AF will also be able to support all video resolutions full-time including RAW 4K and 8K.

There’s two card slots for CFexpress card and SD memory card when talking about storage. Of course with such heavy loads, the need for ultra- high fast transfer speeds is a no brainer.

It’s also the first time we’re getting (IBIS) 5-axis in-body image stabilization system on a Canon camera. The EOS R5 is definitely set to give great shots with minimal hand-held blur for photographers. Additionally, there’s also the improved AF algorithm to cleanly detect erratic movements when shooting fast- paced subjects.

From the specs Canon has been releasing to us, the Canon EOS R5 just leaves all current same weight cameras in the dust. We don’t exactly how that much power exclusive to high- end massive cameras was fitted in such a small frame. What we do know is the Canon EOS R5 is closing the gap between the likes of such high-end cameras to something more mainstream. It’s revolutionary and will certainly bring great tides to the market.

There’s still so much unknown about the EOS R5 and we’re already blowing our minds over. Availability and prices are still unclear for the Philippines but it’s probably coming over by summer. We’ll surely wait for the Canon EOS R5 final release with bated breaths.

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