Build Guide: Php70000 Custom Gaming PC

We can take a look again on building a Custom Gaming PC based on a budget again. This is because the latest generation motherboards from both AMD and Intel have arrived. We can now start listing parts that will fit the budget, for both platforms. I will be basing the final list of parts based on their cost, their individual performance. Brands will not play heavily as I will be working based on a budget and fit in. And to keep prices and parts consistent, I’ll be using the current price list from PC Hub.

Why Php 70000 for a Custom Gaming PC? It’s a sweet spot to build a unit, not including a monitor, and other accessories. It meets the following criteria: gaming, and content (video) creation. A decently fast SSD for OS and games;  while a 1TB of HDD for storing content. And have a liquid cooler. It will also look nice to boot.

These are just suggested parts that fit into the budget. They can be swapped out for other brand name parts. Do note that switching out for a more expensive item will ramp up the cost. The same goes for switching with a lower priced item.

09/2020 UPDATE:

I’ve revisited the prices up on PC Hub this month of September, as GPU prices for the RTX 20 Series have gone down, A LOT. The prices are updated for parts that are available/out of stock, and removed those that are no longer carried. Parts that are currently out of stock are still included, as generally they are re-stocked by PC Hub.

AMD White Gaming PC

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 5 3600Php 10650 / Php 11500 (September 2020)
MotherboardASRock B550M Steel Legend mATXPhp 8640 / Php 8240 (September 2020)
Memory16GB (2x8GB) TForce Delta RGB White DDR4 3200Php 5440 /
Php 4800 (September 2020)
SSD500gb Kingston A2000 SSD M.2 NVMe Gen3x4, R|W: 2200|2000 180k|200kPhp 4280 /
Php 3130 (September 2020)
HDDWDC Blue 4TBPhp 4900
GPUGalax RTX 2060S SUPER EX white 1-Click OCPhp 26550 /
Php 20000 (September, 2020)
PSUCorsair 650watts PSU, CV, CV650, 80 bronze / FSP 650 Watts Raider 2 80Plus SilverPhp 3700 / Php 3960
CaseTecware Alpha M WhitePhp 2900
CoolingID Cooling FrostFlow FF X240 Snow Liquid AIOPhp 2850

Total Php 69,910 / Php 62,280 (September 2020)

Notes:  The nice thing with AMD is that their processors and their range of motherboards available make them overclockable and can be bumped further up in performance when needed. The entire PC itself is compact, making use of an mATX form factor with the B550M Steel Legend. I normally prefer this form factor for ease of storage and mobility. The black and white color theme mixes well with the selected motherboard, as the GPU, Memory Module and Liquid Cooler.

For the September 2020 Custom Gaming PC update, we even shaved several thousands more off the total. We can now actually include a fairly priced monitor (not 144Hz though) as well as budget keyboard and mouse as peripherals to the budget.

Intel Gigabyte Gaming PC

ProcessorIntel Core i5 10500 3.1-4.5 ghz 6-Core 12-ThreadPhp 10999
MotherboardGigabyte H470 Aorus Pro AX WIFI (LGA1200)Php 8990
Memory16gb (dual) ddr4 3200 G.Skill Trident Z, black red, CL16 1.35vPhp 4420 / Php 4290 (September 2020)
SSD512gb Gigabyte RGB SSD M.2 NVMe; R|W: 3480|2000 360k|440KPhp 5420
HDDWDC Blue 4TBPhp 4900
GPUGigabyte RTX 2060S SUPER Gaming OC 3X / alternate: Zotac RTX 2060S SUPER Mini Dual FanPhp 25420 / Php 22230 (September 2020) / Alternate: Php 19450 (September 2020)
PSUCorsair 650watts PSU, CV, CV650, 80 bronze / Gigabyte 650watts, PSU, 80 Bronze, pn: GP-P650B Php 3700 / Php 3060
CaseTecware Nexus C TG, ATX, black, 3x120mm / Aorus C200G TG, ATX, 2x120mmPhp 2570 / Php 3999
CoolingdarkFlash Twister DX 240 Black, aRGB Liquid AIO CPU Cooler, 240mmPhp 3240

Total Php 69,659 / Php 67,128 (September 2020) / Alternate GPU: Php 64,348 (September 2020)

Notes: This build goes with a black build in mind, and a full ATX build at that. Intel does not enable overclocking on non K model processors, going with their mid-tier motherboards instead is reasonable. This saves more on cost.

For September, there were some price drops, this even included Gigabyte’s own GPUs. GPU prices has gone down a few thousand, we can splurge a bit and make it a Gigabyte Build. Gigabyte branded Liquid AIO coolers are still expensive, and not recommended. If we swap out the GPU for brands that have bigger discounts on their GPUs like Zotac/ASUS then we can even save more and add in a monitor, similar to the AMD build.

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