Breaking News: Xiaomi’s Mi 3 will be offered through SMART Postpaid 999!


It finally happened. A Telco is now offering the Mi 3, currently the hottest smartphone in the region and that telco happens to be SMART!

Everyone knows by now how affordable the Mi 3 is inspite of having specs found in smartphones worth Php 30,000.00. Mi started selling the Mi 3 last June through in batches for a retail price of Php 10,599. Still hesitant to pay that much? The good news is, you can get it from Smart Postpaid’s Plan 999!

According to their Smart Mi3 Pre-Order page, Plan 999 includes 9 minutes of all-net calls, 99 all-net SMS, and all-day connectivity! If you haven’t owned a Smart Postpaid line, you have to grab this chance. All you need to do is submit the required documents and you can get the Mi 3 for free!

Is this worth it? Absolutely!!! I’ve reviewed the Mi 3 two months ago and I am still astonished with its hardware and software capabilities up to this moment.

Go to this pre-order link: to reserve your own Mi 3, and if used with a Postpaid Plan from Smart, you’ll surely have the best of both worlds!

Btw, here’s my review of the Mi 3 and my first post about Mi’s products including an interview with Hugo Barra

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