Boompods Headphones and Accessories Launched in the Philippines

Tired of the usual brands for audio and other accessories? If your answer is yes, then it’s about time that you should try these new products from Boompods! The UK-based brand offers wireless portable speakers, headphones, earphones and powerbanks. They come in different designs and sizes that are not only trendy but also fits every user’s lifestyle.

Boompods 2

“We were looking at tech gadgets and we were, ‘Why are all the gadgets look the same?’ I mean, speakers are square. music is coming from the top, there’s no color, some of the companies are very conservative in their design, or it’s taking too long for newer models to come out. We said ‘Let’s challenge ourselves, can we actually make electronic gadgets like this?” said Prem Balani, founder of Boompods.

Boompods 3

On the audio quality, Boompods assured us that we will appreciate the high-end sound quality from the unique pod form of the Boompods. I was able to try it out their Headpods with some sample R&B and EDM tunes and I thought they were really good for a pair of wireless headphones! I brought home a nice pair of Headpods so I’ll be definitely reviewing this pretty soon.

Boompods 4

Boompods products are available through their partner, online retail giant Visit and choose your preferred headphone or accessories.

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