Be in Control with the ROG Strix G G531 & G731

Have a blast with the ROG Strix G G531 & G731! It pays attention to its performance and focuses on the essentials to jumpstart your gaming skills.

While the more popular ROG Strix variants Hero and SCAR are more popular with gamers, their pricetags make it quite difficult for some people to buy the laptops. The ROG Strix G is the more affordable alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

It’s driven with an Intel 9th gen processor and GTX Turing 1650/1660ti that provides powerful execution of your gameplay. It also features slim bezels frame 15.6” and 17.3” displays up to 120Hz for you to achieve an optimum gaming set up.

Impress others and yourself with its additional Aura Sync and Rangeboost. The aura sync for a whole new visual exhibit and the rangeboost for a special reception enhancement.

Look at the prices below:

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Visit the ROG official website for more updates.

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