Back from IT Show 2008!


My body is aching and my feet are sore, but I had a grand time at the IT Show 2008 held at Singapore International Convention Center at Suntec City. I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I’ll be prepared for this event. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t. I forgot to charge my digital camera, and the contents of my spare memory cards I brought were not even transferred to my UMPC, meaning they cannot be used because they’re full. This resulted for me to backup my 256MB SD Card (what? 256MB only??) to my UMPC every now and then after taking several photos and videos of the products I’ve covered.

And bad luck struck me. That same 256MB SD card got lost in the IT Show grounds. I couldn’t find it anymore and it’s useless to trace my steps as the crowd is huge. Fortunately there are only a few photos and videos taken during the event that are not much of importance. I bought a new 2GB SD Card from Kingston (to replace my lost Kingston, what a coincidence) for a very good price in the IT Show and was pleased that it worked in my Casio Exilim P505. Armed with a fresh memory card, I decided to visit the booths again and take new photos and videos. Alas, my battery was drained and was not able to cover the HP iPAQ and Asus Windows Mobile booths.

Sure, my Palm Treo 750 has a built-in 1.3MP camera but why didn’t I use it? Nevermind, it’s not worth talking about.

Anyway, I was surprised that I’ve walked almost 6 hours at the IT Show talking to different product representatives and learning about new mobile tech devices. Despite of having not eaten breakfast or lunch, I never felt weak at all. As long as I’m in an event like this, I’ll never be hungry for food, just gadgets hehe!

Back to the devices I’ve used, I’m now really considering of getting a better digital camera. I’m disappointed with every shot I took, so forgive me if the photos were a bit bad or underexposed. My Kohjinsha didn’t fail on me today and I’m happy with it. While transferring pictures from the SD card in tablet mode, I’ve been getting all kinds of interesting stares from people passing by. 🙂

Regarding the devices I’ve covered for the day, I’ll tackle on these tomorrow. I’m excited to tell my story, but for the meantime, I’ll have my much needed sleep. (I have work tomorrow <sigh>)

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