Author: Digital Reg

Pinoy Windows Mobile is now 7 years old!

    Pinoy Windows Mobile, the Philippines’ premier Windows Mobile site has just turned 7 years old today. It was founded by Carlo Ma. Guerrero back in 2001 when it was still called Pinoy Pocket PC. The name of the group was changed a few years later when Microsoft re-branded Pocket PCs and Smartphones to […]

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Nokia N95 8GB GPS Problem

Most people I know don’t really have any use for their phone’s integrated GPS. In my case, I use it to my advantage, especially here in Singapore where I am not really familiar with the places and directions. And I’m also fascinated with Nokia’s Sportstracker application which requires GPS, so yes, I do need it. […]

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Palm Treo 750 Bug

This is getting annoying. I wasn’t aware of this bug until I started using the Palm Treo 750. The bug I’m talking about is the SMS being sent twice. Sgt. Schultz, fellow Pinoy Windows Mobile Moderator and also a Palm Treo 750 user lets me know about it everytime he receives doubled SMS from me. […]

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A Stylus in My Ear

I’ve mentioned in my previous post that I was at Raffles City Shopping Mall earlier this afternoon to look for pretty Singaporeans stroll around and shop for stuff I want need. It’s been months since I last spent time in a coffee shop alone so I settled at a Gloria Jeans coffee shop inside the […]

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New Gadget Bag

‘Been wanting looking for a Crumpler bag after I got myself a UMPC a few months ago. I didn’t like the idea at first because a lot of Singaporeans here have these bags and I wanted to be different. The Crumpler fevah eventually hit me since their designs are undeniably cool and they have some […]

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Grab & Drag Mozilla Plug-In

If you own a touchscreen UMPC or a Tablet PC and use Mozilla Firefox as your browser of choice, then I highly recommend installing the Grab & Drag plug-in. You can scroll or pan with the use of your finger, quite similar whenever we view Adobe PDF documents. Here’s a sample video of how it […]

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Nokia Sports Tracker – My New Favorite App

Oh boy! I can’t recall the last time I was blown away by a smartphone application this good. The Nokia Sports Tracker was first introduced last year for Nokia phones with integrated GPS or paired with a bluetooth GPS receiver. Basically it tracks down your workouts and other data like speed, time and distance, afterwhich […]

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Nokia N810

I had a short playing time with the Nokia N810 here at Funan I.T. Mall. However, I’m annoyed that the N810 is attached to the display table, so I’m unable to hold it properly and feel its weight. A lot has been written about it and since I had a very short time using it […]

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