Author: Digital Reg

Review: Nokia Lumia 720

While I hold this Nokia Lumia 720, I can’t help but recall all those years when I used a Nokia as my main phone. My first was a Nokia 1610, a phone that is almost the size of the Nokia 9000 Communicator, followed by these models: 5110, 6210, 6310,¬†6510, 3530, 6670,E61, and an N95 8GB […]

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Review: MiLi Power Spring 5

I’ve been wanting to buy a battery pack specifically made for an iPhone 5 ever since LTE for everyone’s favorite smartphone was introduced earlier this year. If some iPhone users are already complaining about its battery life, what more to those who are using its LTE connection? Boy, am I glad MiLi learned about my […]

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Iktus Wins Sun Broadband Quest 2013

The folks from Sun Cellular invited us last night to watch the National Finals of the 1st Sun Broadband Quest held at the Music Museum. The inter-school band competition was launched in December 2012, and out of 63 successful entries online (145 bands tried their luck), 10 bands from all over the country competed for […]

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Smart Music: A GameChanger in Online Music

  Smart Communications launched yesterday a new service that would be considered a “game-changer” in online music service. In partnership with MCA Music, a Universal Music Group International Company, Smart Music will offer 3 million tracks exclusively available to over 70 million subscribers of Smart, Talk ‘N Text and Sun Cellular. According to the Philippines’ […]

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