Author: Digital Reg

Windows Mobile Saves

I’m adding another category in my blogsite called Windows Mobile Saves. For the past several years, I have encountered all sorts of people who have problems with their Windows Mobile devices. Hardware, software, usability. There were even instances that they’ve almost given up their devices because they don’t know how to maximize it. My personal […]

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Moving to a New Home

DR on the GO is back… and finally with a new home! No more introductions. You will see the previous articles I’ve written in my 2 former blogs which will be transferred here to WordPress. From now on, I’ll make sure that I’m able to update my blog as much as I can.

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Windows Mobile 5.0 QWERTY Club!

Rey Vegafria, webmaster of Airfagev Smartphone (, Doc Gary a.k.a. arowanaboy and I met the other night so they can compare their weapons of choice. Devices shown below are Rey’s Qtek 9100 and Doc’s Dopod 838. The Qtek 9100 is similar to O2’s XDA Mini-S and I-mate K-Jam while the Dopod 838 only has a […]

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Mobilogako is born! (my first techblog)

(note: this entry was published at March of 2006) It started out unexpectedly but it’s about time i start to get the ball rolling on my new tech blog! Hello! My name is Reggie Ramos and I welcome you to my blogsite. Some of you may have known or heard of me on different user-groups […]

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“TanaGirl” is Back in My Hands!

Sad yesterday, Happy today! I logged on to (a community for pinoy smartphone users) to check what’s going on and I clicked on the Buy and Sell section to see if someone is selling a 2nd hand smartphone. Someone with the nick of jtv17 posted about the smartphone he’s selling which is only for 6,500 pesos (roughly around […]

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