Author: Digital Reg

O2 XphoneII Joystick Cap Workaround

I, like some of you, also have a problem with the O2 XphoneII smartphone’s joystick cap. From what I’ve learned, the side of the cap easily breaks which causes it to loosen up, and eventually getting lost. The problem could have been easily remedied by going to the service center and have them install a […]

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My Dream Gadget

An online friend who just got his O2XDA2 is willing to sell me his brand new Dell Axim X30 Pocket PC for only 20k!!! 20k man!! Built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition OS, and, hold your breath, a processor of 624 MHz!!! The fastest Pocket PC in the West! I really just can’t wait […]

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Samsung I600 now sold locally

I was roaming around Greenbelt 1 and saw the Samsung I600 on display. It’s the 3G version of the I320 which boasts of HSDPA connectivity, WLAN 802.11b/g, and a QWERTY Thumboard. Unfortunately, the I600 only has Windows Mobile 5 and not Windows Mobile 6 installed. The SRP of the the Samsung I600 is Php 24,500.00 […]

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Xda Flame

The picture above is not a live unit of the O2 Xda Flame. But according to the distributor, the weight of the dummy unit is similar to the real one. Holding the dummy unit of the Flame is quite surprising – it’s not heavy as it looks. The Xda Flame has a 640 x 480 3.6″ VGA […]

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O2 Graphite

  The O2 Graphite is the latest 3G Windows Mobile Smartphone that’s going to be released in the Philippine market. A friend of mine let me played the Graphite and it was pretty responsive thanks to its Intel XScale processor. It’s lightweight but thicker than the Dopod 595 smartphone I used to have. The O2 Graphite has some […]

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Motorola Q GSM

Samsung has their I320 and O2 will release their Graphite. Now, Motorola is joining the Windows Mobile Smartphone market with the Motorola Q GSM. I spoke to the marketing person and he said that it will be on the local store shelves in around 2 months. The Q GSM is a Windows Mobile 6 Standard device […]

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