Author: Digital Reg

The HTC Shift is Really Coming

Pre-orders are available up to tomorrow, March 9 if you want to get it at this price. That’s quite cheap if you ask me. Funny conversation with the representative: Rep: If you pay for this price within this weekend, you’ll get the unit by the end of the year. DR: END OF THE YEAR?!?!? We’ve […]

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Getting Ready for IT Show 2008

I am not yet prepared, but I want to be ready for covering IT Show 2008 which has started today. I will be going there on Saturday and will take as much photos and videos as I can. My plan of streaming videos live via my smartphone’s HSDPA connection would have to be shelved for […]

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Hands-on with the HTC Touch Cruise

[youtube=] I passed by a store last week and found an HTC Touch Cruise so I took a short video of it. Holding the Touch Cruise feels very much the same as the HTC Love and HTC Artemis (Dopod M700 and Dopod P800w) but the scroll wheel looks and feels a lot better to use […]

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Palm Treo 750 it is

And so I bought the Palm Treo 750. Not really brand new, just used for 3 months without scratches. What made me buy it is the bundled Palm Bluetooth GPS, the Map software plus a 2GB MiniSD card. Compared to the offers of other sellers, this is definitely a good deal for me. After meeting […]

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Itching to buy a Smartphone

I’m still recovering from fever that reached 38.9 degrees yesterday, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a smartphone today. I’ve been calling sellers on buy and sell forums, checking out some best buy deals. Honestly, I was already set to buy the Dopod U1000 because the price was so low. But as I’ve said […]

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Headset and 2GB of RAM

At long last, I finally got my pay today! 🙂 I didn’t splurge, I just bought a couple of things I need. I bought myself a decent headset by A4Tech. I’ve been using my I-Tech Arrow X bluetooth headset for VOIP calls but using a real headset can be better sometimes so I got myself […]

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I have a dilemna on what would be my next Nokia smartphone. Listed below are my choices and my comments.   Nokia N95 – It’s cheaper now, since it’s been a year after it was released in the market. The N95 has 3.5G HSDPA, 5.0 Megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss lens, and built-in GPS aside […]

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