Author: Digital Reg

HTC Panda

 Had the chance to use the HTC Panda today. As you would see in the picture above taken from PDADB, it resembles its predecessors, the HTC Alpine (aka O2 Xda IIi) and its grandfather, the HTC Himalaya (aka O2 Xda II). There’s a difference though in the layout of the call buttons, soft keys, and Dpad compared to the 2 […]

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Low-Priced Memory Card

  After waiting for several months, I finally got a 1GB MicroSD card for only Php 545.00 (around US $11.16). The last time I got a 256 MB MicroSD card from a friend was last September and it was priced at Php 800.00! (US$ 16.38). Now I have more space for my HTC Cavalier’s files. Now if I’m tempted […]

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Xda Atom Life launched in Manila

“The Xda Atom Life was launched last night at the Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion in Manila. Mark Billington, CEO of O2 Asia Pacific and Middle East and Low Han Thong, Country Manager for Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, and Vietnam were present at the launch. Guests were treated to dinner and drinks as well as the new […]

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Windows Mobile Saves

I’m adding another category in my blogsite called Windows Mobile Saves. For the past several years, I have encountered all sorts of people who have problems with their Windows Mobile devices. Hardware, software, usability. There were even instances that they’ve almost given up their devices because they don’t know how to maximize it. My personal […]

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Moving to a New Home

DR on the GO is back… and finally with a new home! No more introductions. You will see the previous articles I’ve written in my 2 former blogs which will be transferred here to WordPress. From now on, I’ll make sure that I’m able to update my blog as much as I can.

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