Author: Miguel De Leon

Smarter Robotics Wants to Power the Future with A.I. and Humanoid Robotics

Whenever I hear “A.I.” and “robotics” uttered in the same breath, they’re often followed by “Skynet” or “Terminator” and lengthy discussions about the exploits of Sarah Connor in preventing a worldwide hostile robot takeover. But the people behind Smarter Robotics speak of a friendlier, and much more positive spin on these terms. It is their […]

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Getting a Samsung Galaxy S10? Here’s How You Can Accessorize Your New Phone

So you’ve just seen a torrent of news about the Samsung Galaxy S10 and you’re now thinking, “Hey, I should get myself that phone.” After you’ve picked the Samsung Galaxy S10 that you want, the next natural question would be, “What accessories should I get?” As befitting the Galaxy name, Samsung has built a system […]

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Nokia Intros Nokia 9 PureView with Five Camera Array; Nokia 4.2, 3.2, 1 Plus and 210 also Revealed

HMD Global, home of the Nokia brand, announced four exciting Android smartphones, addressing both the high-end and entry-level smartphone segments. From the photography-centric Nokia PureView 9 to the feature-packed Nokia 210, consumers can find a right Nokia for them. NOKIA 9 PUREVIEW Photography enthusiasts will be pleased to meet the Nokia 9 PureView and its […]

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