ASUSPRO’s 2019 Commercial Device Portfolio is Expanding!

Switch up your business’s every- day performance with the newest and enhanced ASUSPRO 2019 lineup!

ASUSPRO is now targeting the business world with their business- oriented features and solutions. Their whole new line-up now comes with an ASUS Control Center, enhanced hardware and identity protection, as well as TPM 2.0 and chassis intrusion protection.

Undisputably, ASUS still holds the No. 1 spot for a motherboard brand and No. 1 consumer notebook brand in Southeast Asia. Therefore, ASUS plans to widen their portfolio to truly suit every consumer need while keeping the same quality intact.

With your work in mind, ASUS teased these products for you to look forward to:

ASUSPRO B9440 – World’s lightest 14″ business notebook

Always on the go? The ASUSPRO B9440 will definitely lighten your load with its ultra-lightness, durable robustness and large display. It makes transportation a lot easier while keeping that superb performance and durability all the same.

ASUSPRO P3540 – Lightest 15“ business notebook with all day battery life

The ASUSPRO P3540 is just perfect for long busy days. It gives you an amazing balance between versatility and quality with 16 hours battery life and a full set of I/O ports and military- grade build quality. And to top it all off, a 15- inch slim bezel display that makes its lightweight chassis compact.

3. ASUSPRO D640 – Secure, reliable and enterprise-ready

This commercial desktop is designed to be tough through and through with its developed features to provide you functionality, durability, and security. Certainly, it’s high- spec performance is geared towards commercial use.

The ASUSPRO 2019 lineup will be available starting at the end of Q1 2019!

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