ASUSPRO and Intel Release Exclusive “Ultimate Creativity Pack”!

All creatives rejoice! ASUSPRO, the Enterprise unit of ASUS has collaborated with American technology company Intel to launch the Exclusive “Ultimate Creativity Pack”!

Feast on a set of 14 premium creativity apps and programs, including those for audio, photo and video editing, streaming, and even virtual reality, free to use upon purchase or select ASUSPRO commercial laptops and desktop PC’s. The price of the applications sum up to ₱26,000.00.

The 14 apps include the following:

  • Painter Essentials 6 (Full Version Download)
  • Video Studio Pro X10 (Full Version Download)
  • Luminar 3 (Full Version Download)
  • Aurora HDR 19 (Full Version Download)
  • Photolemur (Full Version Download)
  • GRFX Studio Pro (3 Month Access)
  • Vegas Movie Studio (Full Version Download)
  • ACID Music Studio (Full Version Download)
  • Music Maker 2019 Plus (Full Version Download)
  • Fastcut Plus – (Full Version Download)
  • VR Studio – (Full Version Download)
  • DxOPhotolab – (Full Version Download)
  • Mixcast – (1 Year Access)
  • XSplit – (3 Month Access)

The select ASUSPRO devices run on Intel Core i7 or i9 processors for smooth and delay-free use. A Master Key that accesses and activates these 14 applications is added with every purchase of ASUSPRO commercial desktops or laptops from June 28, 2019 to November 30, 2019. The promo is available nationwide through participating ASUSPRO resellers and stores.

Check out the selected laptops down below!

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