Asus Zenfone 2 Accessories Also Revealed

Asus Zenfone 2 Accessories were also announced last Saturday during the Zenfone 2 launch at very affordable prices (Sorry guys, I should have posted this last month after the SEA Launch.)

Asus PH Launch 03

View Flip Cover Deluxe costs only Php 995.00.

Asus PH Launch 04

The powerbank from Asus is called the ZenPower with the most affordable price at only Php 795.00! It’s almost the same size as a credit card. Here’s a photo I took last month in Jakarta when good friend Eason de Guzman of Asus Philippines showed me the size comparison.

Asus PH Launch 05

Also announced are 2 very useful smartphone accessories for those who love taking pictures in the dark.

Asus PH Launch 15

Would you believe that this device called the Asus Lolliflash is only worth Php 495.00?!

Asus PH Launch 16

And the more powerful Zenflash is Php 995.00!!!

Asus PH Launch 17

Also announced are the specially designed back covers for the Zenfone 2. The Illusion series has some unique textures while the Fusion series has two-toned colors that would suit the mood of a Zenfone 2 user.

Asus PH Launch 18

Saw some protective cases on display but I have no word yet about their prices.

Asus PH Launch 19View Flip Cover Deluxe in different colors.


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