ASUS ROG Chimera G703 Now Powered by Intel Core i9

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) announced an 8th generation Intel Core Processor refresh for its entire line up featuring Quad and Hexa-Core processors paired with 120hz and 144hz refresh rates across the entire range. The 8th generation Core i5-8300H now features 8 threads, compared to its 7th generation i5-7300HQ which did not feature hyper threading. The 8th Generation Core i7 processor, meanwhile, get its core count boosted to 6 cores and it’s thread count to 12 for a performance boost of over 23%, in the form of the I7-8850H. Lastly, a new Core i9-8950HK Mobile Processor was also announced with a staggering 4.8 ghz single core boost speed and 12MB of L3 Cache for those who want unlimited mobile power in their devices. The Core i9-8950HK was featured inside the New ASUS ROG Chimera G703 in Intel’s worldwide launch.

The New ASUS ROG Chimera G703 features the same most-loved bio-armor design with quad-vents as originally launched in 2017 but now feature more cores and more computing power. The G703 can be configured with up to a Core i9-8950HK processor, 64GB of ram, 2TB of HDD coupled with 512GB of PCIEx4 NVME SSD and a discrete Nvidia Geforce GTX1080 with 8GB DDR5X ram.

The G703 is still the world’s first gaming laptop to feature 144Hz refresh rate, paired with a 100% sRGB IPS Panel and G-sync. On the keyboard side, each individually backlit key now features ASUS RGB Aura Sync so you can sync it with other products from the company which are compatible with the Aura SDK. Other upgrades include a new 12V fan for higher fan speed and 45% better airflow, matched with thicker fins for better air flow resistance.

No prices announced yet for the ROG Chimera G703, but we’ll be reporting it as soon as we get them from ASUS Philippines.

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