ASUS Republic of Gamers and MET will hold PUBG Southeast Asia Championship

Those who play Players Unknown Battlegrounds are clamoring for the game to be included in major e-sports events. Thanks to its popularity to gamers around the globe, it is now becoming a reality. ASUS Republic of Gamers together with MET are on a search for the best PUBG squads as they announce the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship presented by ROG. This competition is officially sanctioned by PUBG Corporation and is part of the PUBG Global Invitational to be held in Berlin this July.

PUBG’s appeal has captured the attention of many players across the globe. The 100-man scavenging and survival battle royale game has players forming squads of up to four members in an attempt to eliminate the rest of the competition to come out on top and claim the top spot of each game. The naturally competitive nature of PUBG has spawned multiple games with similar mechanics and helps form the game itself into a fully-fledged esport.

I am not surprised that our partner Republic of Gamers, the world’s #1 gaming brand, is choosing PUBG as their newest grounds for competitive gaming. With its full squad of professional gaming products, ranging from motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, notebooks, peripherals, and routers, ASUS ROG is set to deliver the best gaming experience in this year’s biggest competition in the region.

The PUBG Southeast Asia Championship will run concurrently across five venues with six nationalities on the road to the Southeast Asia regional final. The best squads from each country’s national qualifier will be appearing in the SEA Finals in Thailand on June 23-24 to crown the best PUBG SEA Squad. Here are the dates of the qualifiers per country:

  • Philippines – May 5-June 3
  • Indonesia – April 28-May 13
  • Malaysia/Singapore – May 5 – May 27
  • Thailand – May 7-June 10
  • Vietnam – May 12-June 3

The overall Regional Champion will be moving on to the PUBG Global Invitations in Berlin this July.

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