ASUS is Definitely the Top Gaming Brand In The Philippines (and NOT the 3-Letter Brand)

So there are some so-called tech bloggers out there spreading lies about another laptop brand being number 1 and #NotASUS. I would like to retaliate by telling the truth.

Based on GFK data as of June 2018, ASUS Republic of Gamers is DEFINITELY the top gaming brand in the Philippines. ASUS ROG laptops took the lead in 2017 in gaming notebook activations, leading up to 50.9% and 53% market share in end user purchases during May and June 2018, respectively, based on data by third-party market research agencies. According to ASUS Philippines, their market share is bigger than the 4 other brands combined. Here’s the data I was able to gather:

ASUS50.953 47.3 47.2
DELL10.9 9.4 16.2 20
MSI13.2 15.4 13.8 5.3
ACER11.611 11.2 10.9
LENOVO8.5 9.7 8.1 .4

I also have data from IDC for 2018. Here they are:

1 ASUS ROG – 35%

2/3 DELL – 21%

2/3 ACER – 21%

4 MSI – 13.5%

5/6 HP – 5%

5/6 LENOVO – 5%

And thanks to a well-rounded ecosystem of gaming products, ROG is poised to gear up its presence in 2019 to further cement its reputation in Philippine gaming.

“We at ASUS Republic of Gamers pride ourselves with being the World’s Undisputed No. 1 Gaming Brand, and this is a goal that we continually strive to emulate in the Philippines. These market results validate the hard work and commitment that we put in to meet the needs of the ever-changing Philippine gaming landscape,” says George Su, Country Manager, ASUS Philippines System Business Group.

So who’s number 1 again? It’s #DefinitelyASUS and #NotM_I.

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