Asus EEE PC Black and the Kohjinsha SH6




I met with my friend X-Mint of PhiWUG earlier tonight to catch up with each other and discuss a possible project with him. It was also a time for the both of us to check each other’s mobile gear. He showed me his prized possession – an Asus EEE PC 4GB Black. Though he’s a Linux advocate, he installed Windows XP instead and is pretty satisfied with it.

It was a fun sight – 2 geeks using UMPCs with 7″ screens and the customers here at Shell Select Magallanes kept on staring at us with interests 🙂

I have posted an entry before with Alvin’s then-newly bought EEE PC but it was a white coloured model and runs on Linux. This is the first time I’ve seen an EEE PC (a black model) with XP in the flesh. 

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