ASUS Announces ROG STRIX XF 120 Cooling Fan

ASUS has recently announced its ROG STRIX XF 120, a 120mm 4-pin Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) cooling fan that promises an ultra quiet operation from a range of performance demands and applications. It delivers optimal airflow of up to 62.5 CFM and static pressure of up to 3.07mm H20. It use ranges from case cooling to radiators or tower style CPU heat sinks. Having a wide operating range of 250 to 1800rpm, users can adjust for each setting and even can be allowed to turn off when set to 0% PWM duty cycle for that ultralow noise profile when doing light work.

ROG STRIX XF 120 MagLev Fan Bearing

The fan bearing of the STRIX XF 120 features a 360° Magnetic-Levitation (MagLev) technology, which stabilizes the rotor as it spins, preventing any form of wobbling. This minimizes friction, noise and generally protects the fan from wear and tear over time while delivering exceptional cooling performance. With the use of MagLev fan bearing, lifespan extends to up to 400,000 hours of use.

Aerodynamic Design

STRIX XF 120 cooling fan has a specially designed fan blade and frame that maximizes volume and airflow for optimal performance. Precision-engineered grooves on the fan blades allow directed and focused airflow on the blades, minimizing flow separation. This design increases fan performance and reduces vortex noise for improved acoustics. The angle and curvature of the fan’s frame struts direct and channel airflow enhances its static pressure. Additionally, the smaller fan hub allows for longer fan blades and bigger airflow channel.

Ultra-Quiet Acoustic Profile

XF 120 runs quiet with a level no higher than 22.5 dB( A ), providing exceptionally quiet cooling. There are anti-vibration pads and mounts that reduce vibrations. Also the fan blades are made of 30% fiberglass to reinforce and prevent warping.

ROG STRIX XF 120 Availability and Pricing

The STRIX XF 120 will be available in the Philippines in the 2nd Quarter of the year 2021 (April 2021, earliest).

Model NameSRP
ROG STRIX XF 120Php 1,620.00
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