ASUS Announces Prime AP201 uATX Case

ASUS announces the Prime AP201 chassis. It features a refined and minimalist design with compatibility and convenience in mind. This new DIY PC builder platform breaks from the conventions of its compact size by offering support for large radiators, graphics cards and power supplies in just 33 liters of space.

The size users want, the space they need

Designed for microATX motherboards in mind, the ASUS Prime AP201 offers a balance of size and compatibility. Its total volume is only 33 liters, so it demands much less desk space than a typical ATX tower. While it still offers the elbow room users need for high-end components.

The AP201 is flexible for building a monster gaming PC or content-creating powerhouse. It supports graphics cards all the way up to 338 mm in length. That is enough space to accommodate the highest-end graphics cards like the ROG Strix GeForce RTX ™ 3090. For users planning to install an AIO liquid cooler to tame an aggressive CPU overclock, the top panel supports radiators up to 360 mm, letting them easily mount a triple-fan radiator for ultimate performance. And, the AP201 can accommodate ATX power supplies, DIY PC builders have a wide array of options for powering builds.

In addition to offering space that large components need, users also get convenient features — that makes for a stress-free build process. Both side panels are attached by a simple yet secure latch mechanism that grants tool-free access to internals. To keep the inside free of clutter, the extended motherboard tray features strategically placed cutouts. And, it offers a generous 32 mm gap for cable management.

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Putting the fun back in functional

Many builders seek out cases that offer a view of system components. And no wonder — after they carefully select the parts for their PC for a cohesive aesthetic, synchronize their ARGB LED lighting, and meticulously manage their cables, it only makes sense that they would enjoy showing off that work. A tempered glass side panel is one way to make this happen, but it does not provide a pathway for the cooling air that high-performance components need.

The side-panels and front of the ASUS Prime AP201 feature a quasi-filter metallic mesh. It gives builders exceptional airflow and a unique perspective on their PC’s interior components. The square mesh acts as a wide airflow intake, ensuring streams of cool air for all internal components, while putting the hardware on display. ARGB LED illumination looks particularly striking through the moiré patterns created by the parallel lines of the mesh.

The two color options offered with the AP201 deliver a clean backdrop for builds. The all-white model offers a perfect canvas for accentuating light effects for those who customize their RGB LEDs. Pair it with Moonlight White ASUS components and peripherals for an elegant, unmistakable setup. Alternatively, the black option provides a stealthy look that is easy to coordinate with a wide range of components. For either option, builders on a budget can pair the AP201 with an ASUS Prime motherboard; the black and white aesthetic of the Prime Z690M-Plus D4, for example, perfectly complements either color option of this chassis.

Set up for great connectivity

Many of today’s devices rely on USB Type-C® . Through this versatile port, users can recharge devices, send display signals, access high-speed external storage, or connect peripherals like their favorite gaming headset.

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The Prime AP201 offers a front-panel USB Type-C port capable of 10Gbps. It ensures that all of these options are within arm’s reach. Select a motherboard with the front-panel connectivity that you need, and you’re off to the races. Additionally, there are two USB Type-A ports and jacks for a microphone and headphones. These are found all on the front panel rather than the top — the most convenient arrangement for a desktop PC.

The new standard for microATX cases

Small does not have to mean cramped. The ASUS Prime AP201 makes efficient use of its dimensions to offer a compelling balance of performance, elegance and convenience. Its metallic mesh side panel ensures wide airflow and an eye-catching window to the interior components. While its all-white or all-black design provides a clean aesthetic. The case’s petite 33-liter volume gives it a compact profile. While still accommodating full-size graphics cards, 360 mm liquid-cooling radiators, and ATX-sized PSUs. Finally, its front-panel USB Type-C port puts convenient connectivity within arm’s reach.


The ASUS Prime AP201 microATX chassis will be available in the Philippines starting July 2022. Please check ASUS PH Social Media accounts for more info.

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