ASRock Z490 AQUA Flagship Motherboard Unveiled

ASRock, has recently unveiled to the world their Z490 AQUA Flagship Motherboard. The most exciting part about this board, is its limited run of 999 units. This makes the motherboard in terms of collectors “highly sought after” as it is a full ATX motherboard with water cooling blocks for its CPU Chipset, and VRM.

ASRock Z490 AQUA Board Features

Delivering 95% VRM efficiency, it uses the latest 16 Phase 90A Dr.MOS and 2oz Copper PCBs. To keep these VRMs and 10 core 10th Gen Intel CPUs cool when overclocked or performing taxing processes, the Z490 AQUA comes with an advanced water block that reduce CPU and VRM temps greatly.

Uncompromising Build Quality

The motherboard is designed with a matte black under-shell. For its cooling shroud, a brushed metal finish tops it off. It is like an armored mecha with two-tone paint job and hints of LED illuminating the water-blocks’ transparent section.

The “Be Aqua, Be Cool” motto highlights ASRock’s determination to be the frontrunner in water-cooled gaming motherboard manufacturers. The PCIe 4.0 ready means it’s prepped and the hardware is ready with eventual PCI-Express Gen-4 support. By uniquely adding an external base clock generator, PCIe 4.0 components such as extra slots and an M.2 socket this ensures that the motherboard is future-proof for any next generation Intel CPU.

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LED Design

The ASRock Z490 AQUA motherboard features a bright OLED display. It is prominently visible to users to get direct board information. The report displays status of CPU Voltage, temperature, system fan speed, system status and POST Status. The color scheme it follows is blue and green which provides a techy/mechanical feel to the matte black and metal finish to the motherboard.

Blazing Fast Connectivity

The ASRock Z490 AQUA provides superfast connectivity through Intel’s Thunderbolt reversible USB Type-C interface that delivers bandwidth of up to 40Gb/s. Ethernet is powered by AQUANTIA® AQtion™ 10Gbps network and the latest WiFi6 (802.11ax) wireless internet connectivity; proving the Z490 AQUA one of the fastest network speeds for a flagship motherboard.

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

Onboard ESS9218 DAC delivers true Hi-Fi audio without distortion to give crystal clear audio quality. And with the 112dB THD+N there is support for higher impedance for up to 600ohm using headphones. Practical WIMA audio caps optimize sound when working on high-end audio applications, which can satisfy even the pickiest audiophiles. The Nahimic Audio experience gives vibrant and rich quality whether you are using USB, Wi-Fi, analog, or HDMI outputs and through the active dashboard interface users can tweak surround sound, voice, bass, and treble to their listening preferences.

Water Cooling Package to Beat

Whatever the build requirements, the ASRock flagship Z490 AQUA sets the pace with strong, industrial server-grade low loss PCB motherboard firmness to hold the water cooling blocks which can dissipate heat from the CPU and VRM efficiently. And, something unique; all 999 owners of this motherboard  will receive this set of water cooling fittings. All of which include hard tube piping widely used by water cooling fanatics. It is the perfect kit to build the ultimate water-cooled rig with extreme performance!

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