ASRock BFB Technology Micro-site Launched

ASRock has recently shared a micro-site for their motherboard owners of a feature called Base Frequency Boost (BFB). This feature enables non-K Intel Processor models to have an increased speed, depending on how good their system’s cooling performance is.

The site can be access through this link for the ASRock BFB Micro-site. The following images serve as an illustration of the potential speed increase on a specific processor and board.

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If there’s anything to note, Base Frequency Boost at first has some similarity to the existing Intel Turbo Boost. However, upon looking further into the actual technology being applied, Turbo boost simply boosts a single core’s clock speed. Whereas BFB will utilize the Enhanced Voltage Frequency control to work around the lockout of non K processors. This enables “dialing in a processor’s GHz when setting the speed of the processor above the factory default settings”. This is a hunch to me that their feature would allow overclocking based on tweaking some existing features.

That’s only my guess based on the given available data on specs as well as the diagram presented on top. And this sort of matches the observations made by others like and Overclock3D which works around the existing turbo functions of locked CPUs, like increasing the TDP of the processor. This further explains a caveat that performance will depend on how good our cooling system is. This is certainly give those using liquid cooling or large air coolers a nice advantage to utilize.

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