AORUS WATERFORCE X SERIES is a new line of All-in-one Liquid Cooler coming from Gigabyte Technologies. Beyond the success of its predecessor, AORUS LIQUID COOLER, AORUS WATERFORCE X SERIES deliver three radiator sizes. These sizes range from 240/280/360mm which will be able to cater to various needs from users for a robust support for high performance multicore CPUs from Intel and AMD.

High Thermal Dissipation with better durability and lower noise

Multicore and multithreaded CPUs are now the norm for high-end builds. But having faster core clock speeds can generate excess heat, which can slow performance. Effective CPU cooling is now a key factor to system performance. The new AIO liquid coolers design is able to handle heat generated by the latest generation CPUs. Tube diameter increases from 5.1mm to 7.8mm, thereby increasing water flow by 37%. The new AIO liquid cooler comes with a ceramic axis design. This provides better resistance to damage and have anti-corrosion properties. This lengthens the overall lifespan with its improved durability compared to metal axis designs.

For its fans, Gigabyte uses a leading graphene Nano lubricant bearing with ultra-low friction and noise to decrease about 15% noise than previous liquid coolers under the same low fan speed. Gigabyte performed extensive testing on the system and found that the 120mm fan blades paired with the 360mm radiator creates the best synergy. The pair delivers the most efficient heat dissipation with minimal noise. The fan keeps noise at a minimum level even when running at its highest speed.

Display Your One of a Kind

AORUS WATERFORCE X SERIES continue to feature an impressive circular LCD display of gaming aesthetics. There are four default modes composing: Enthusiast Mode, Function Mode, Text Custom Mode, and Image Custom Mode. Image Custom Mode improves by having support for more formats MP4/GIF/JPG, as well as the exclusive “Chibi Time” mode. It has a new unique display rotator. Users can rotate the display manually by 330 degrees. Users are free to adjust text display and images with their preferred angle easier than ever before.

Another special highlight here is the innovative design of an integrated Micro SD slot, breaking the limitation of display on liquid coolers caused by limited capacity. Now, users can store all their favorite images or videos of supported format, and upload to the LCD display via the LCD control panel within RGB FUSION 2.0. The unlimited SD card capacity frees the creativity of users creating a perfect fusion of AORUS gaming motherboards, peripherals for building a stylish system.

AORUS WATERFORCE X SERIES is controlled through RGB Fusion 2.0 software. From adjusting text, importing images, as well as setting the ARGB digital LED lighting modes for creating personalized systems; it allows syncing RGB functions with toher peripherals.  Aside from lighting effects, RGB Fusion 2.0 allows users to control CPU state display like the name, clock speed, water, CPU and VRM temps. The AORUS engine controls the cooling system by adjusting fan speed and/or pump speed.


Currently the AORUS WATERFORCE X Series are available now. Available models are AORUS WATERFORCE X 240mm, AORUS WATERFORCE X 280mm and AORUS WATERFORCE X 360mm.

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