AOC Masters VALORANT Tournament Philippine Leg starts this October

AOC is coming up with a new tournament! Dubbed the ‘AOC Masters Tournament’, this exciting competition is aimed at Asia’s fast-growing gaming community and fanbase of the fast-rising popular game VALORANT.

The AOC Masters Tournament will see VALORANT teams drawn from across Asia, with entrants from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand, pitting their skills against each other for a spot at the Grand Finals, set for December 2020.

AOC designs and creates award-winning top-performing monitors used by millions in over 120 countries. AOC has a large and loyal fanbase in the global gaming community, and its laser focus on the needs of gamers resulted in AOC-branded monitors capturing the No. 1 global slot
for gaming-monitor in 2019. By hosting the online tournament, AOC is repaying its customers’ devotion by delivering a legendary tournament. Play, watch, and win is the name of the game. AOC Masters Tournament will be drawing in gamers and viewers in the spirit of a unified global gaming

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AOC Philippines is issuing a challenge to Filipino gamers to register in this tournament. Teams may join the tournament through

The champions of the Philippine tournament will have the chance to be sponsored by AOC Philippines as its official esports team for VALORANT, and will represent the country at the Grand Finals this December.

Aside from a tournament prize pool of P85,000, winners will also bring home exciting new products utilizing avant-garde technology. Not only will the tournament sharpen these teams’ skills, they will also bring home new equipment to help them play better.

Join the AOC Masters Tournament now and represent the country in the regional finals! Register here:

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