AOC Gaming G2 Series Monitors Now Open for Pre-Order

AOC Gaming Monitors G2 series are highly preferred by the world’s top gamers. This overwhelming response led to a global shortage of this line of monitors, with thousands of units sold in over 120 countries. Since AOC Monitors knows that the Philippines has a growing number of gamers, they intend to bring their AOC Gaming G2 Series to the country very soon!

The AOC G2 Gaming Monitors provides all of what today’s gamers need for their displays. Even pro gamers of PUBG prefer AOC G2 for its high refresh rate of 144Hz and its quick response time of 1ms. In today’s competitive scene, players need every little help they can get in making their split-second reactions, and AOC G2 gives them an edge over their opponents.

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AOC G2 also gives gamers a kind of immersion not available anywhere else. Its AMD FreeSync Premium technology prevents images from tearing up, making sure that the experience is never broken by some jagged pixels on-screen. Its slim frame, minimal bezel design seamlessly blends multiple G2 monitors into one large screen giving you a wider view of the gaming world.

While the AOC 27G2 and 24G2 models are being shipped to stores, Filipino gamers can now pre-order them at their preferred dealers. Click on this pre-order form to reserve a G2 Monitor or visit AOC’s Lazada Official Store Once these orders arrive, customers will get first dibs on these fantastic gaming monitors.

For those who can’t wait any longer, the AOC 24G2E and 27G2E are already available for purchase. These monitors provide the same quality of gaming experience as their 24G2 and 27G2 counterparts, with the adjustable stands as the only difference. The AOC 24G2E and 27G2E can be now ordered at Dynaquest, PC Express, PC Worx and online through Vivocom’s Lazada store.

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