Ambi Climate – Enhances your Air-Con with A.I.

Are you tired of waking up in the middle of the night changing thermostat settings of your air-con unit? Or does it incur high electricity bills? There’s a device that can solve these problems and more. Ambi Climate is the world’s first air conditioner accessory that uses A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) to redefine the air conditioner usage paradigm, delivering enhanced comfort with energy savings.

Ambi Climate brings the smart home experience to life by making home climate control effortless. Whether it’s turning on your AC before you get home, or setting rules and timers for when you’re out of the house, Ambi Climate provides you with the tools you need to better monitor and control your AC anywhere, and at any time, via your smartphone. Ambi Climate is also IFTTT and Amazon Alexa enabled, allowing you to control your AC based on your location, enabling voice control, and delivering you a truly connected smart lifestyle.

Air conditioners today control for a set point temperature alone, but many other factors affect your comfort – such as humidity, sunlight, changes in outdoor weather, and more. You may need the air-conditioning unit to be on Number 4 at 7pm but when the climate becomes cooler at 2am, it will be hard for you to wake up and adjust the unit’s speed. With the Ambi Climate smartphone app, all you need to do is to indicate if you are hot, cold, or comfortable, and the A.I. engine will learn the impact of these factors on you. As these factors change, the A.I. will automatically adjust your air conditioner, delivering better comfort and virtually eliminating overcooling and overheating– delivering up to a 30% reduction in your AC energy consumption in the process.

Ambi Climate will work with modern air-conditioning units that have remote control with LCD screen. It’s currently compatible with 50 brands composed of window, wall-mounted or portable air-con units and 1,200 AC models.

The SRP of the Ambi Climate is P7,995 and is available at the following outlets:

  • SM Appliance: Aura
  • SM Appliance: Powerplant Mall
  • SM Appliance: Megamall
  • Powermac Center: Megamall
  • Powermac Center: SM Aura
  • Powermac Center: Greenbelt
  • Powermac Center: Trinoma
  • Powermac Center: Festival Mall

It is also available in Lazada and Shopee

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