Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Rainbow Collaboration Platform Updated!

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise’s collaboration platform, ‘Rainbow’ has been updated and now includes advanced settings for larger groups of participants. Now with video groups for up to 120 users!

Now that the majority of the world is shifting to the ‘New Normal’, companies and organizations are continuously looking for alternatives. To support a business, you’ll have to run it. Here comes Rainbow, a cloud-based collaboration solution perfect for professional teams.

With the rise in its usage, Alcatel-Lucent updated Rainbow is now expanding its user functions to accommodate larger groups on the platform with better user experience. This update targets these key factors spot-on: Ergonomics, videoconferencing, audio-conferencing, and time management.

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Rainbow now offers a streamlined design and user experience with a new professional interface for more efficient interactions. Remote working is difficult for all first-timers so the new quick action buttons, intuitive icons, and a simplified navigation might help!

Furthermore, the company has integrated more tailored, customizable options like character sizing as well as bidirectionality for contents to be viewed right-to-left. You can also various video-stream layouts for more personal interactions. For larger groups of users, the platform now supports calls for up to 120 active participants.

Hosts can use the Active speaker video, which is automatically displayed to participants. Meanwhile, participants can manually select Active Gallery and Active Grid View to display up to 12 users simultaneously. There’s also new audio quality control algorithms for a hassle-free immersive experience.

Regarding time management, Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise also included Real-time tracking and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to regulate participant speaking time. Rainbow now also includes an easy-to-use meeting scheduler added to enable one-click instant meeting for online users, regardless of invites.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise will continue to improve Rainbow to further support users with meeting solutions. Check out Rainbow here!

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