A Smarter Way To Manage Your Load



The hardest thing about maintaining a prepaid phone is knowing if you still have load to make some calls or send SMS. Thankfully, Smart Prepaid has just made things easier with the introduction of Smart Load Manager.

What is Smart Load Manager? It is a new service by Smart Prepaid where it can notify you of your account’s Low balance, sends you Flash Notifications, and gives a Detailed Balance Inquiry, all of which will help you manage and keep track of your load!

Let me try to explain each.


Low Balance Notifications – With this feature, you will receive urgent SMS updates if your subscribed call and text offers are running low.



Flash Remaining Balance notification – When you enable the service by texting FLASHON to 7788, you will then receive flash messages every time you end a regular call. These flash messages will last around 3-5 seconds and would only appear if the load balance is below P100. It also mentions the details on the cost of the last call made. This is a first in the country!



Real Time Balance Inquiry – Whenever you dial *214#, you will get a complete overview on the remaining balance you have for both subscribed call and text offers and regular load/airtime.

Isn’t it easy? It’s like your personal assistant who reminds and provides you with important details on your prepaid load. Another thing that makes it easier for Smart Prepaid subscribers is there are no additional charges for this service. Yes, Smart Load Manager is absolutely FREE!

To keep you worry free, I suggest going to this page smart.com.ph/loadmanager and check the FAQs to fully understand the Smart Load Manager. And save this infographic to your phones as well for easy reference:

Info graphic_SmartLoadManager

So let go of your worries & let Smart Load Manager assist you in budgeting your load so you can text, call and surf more!

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