January 9, 2007

5 years ago, i shrugged at the announcement and mumbled to myself “it will not affect my platform of choice” which was Windows Mobile. A few months later, my mood has changed about it. I realized that I am tired of the problems I’ve encountered with Windows Mobile. Phone freezing, if not crashing, mobile browser woes among others. I realized those issues because the iPhone doesn’t have them. As one mobile tech reviewer Matt Miller said back then, “it was a refreshing change.” and I do agree with him. Back then, the iPhone was not considered a smartphone like the HTC/Dopods, and Palm Treos. It eventually became one, and then, where were the Palm Treos? Why did HTC left the Windows Mobile platform and went to Android? What happened to those HP, Dell, Acer PDAs/smartphones?

5 years ago, I shrugged at the announcement. What I didn’t see coming is 5 years later, I will own its 5th version, the iPhone 4S.

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