Black & Slate or White & Silver?


I have to admit, I got bit by the iPhone 5 fever and I was so tempted to get one for myself. Well, I did, and now I’m a proud owner of an iPhone 5 with the help of SMART Communications 🙂 I am not going to post a review of the iPhone 5, you can find them all over the net anyway. I’d rather write something else, perhaps my preference of color.

White & Silver

I chose White & Silver this time for a number of reasons. I couldn’t believe that I would come up with several reasons to justify this coice of color 🙂 Then again, I want to make sure that the color I’ve chosen will not give me any buyer’s remorse.

Less Prone to Scratches

While the Black & Slate looks sexy with the iPhone 5’s design, it is more prone to scratches I consulted with my best friend in L.A. who got a black iPhone 5 from AT&T and confirmed that the paint of his unit has indeed chipped. He suggested right away that I should get the other color and use a case right away, which I did.

I know that the designs of these sleek smartphones are meant to be used without cases, but that’s for another blog post.

Black iPhone 4S

Unlike the iPhone 5, I had a longer time deciding for the color of my iPhone 4S. It was going to be my first iPhone and conditioned myself to stick with the color of choice for 2 years. I decided to get white, but I forgot to mention it during the iPhone launch event. I didn’t mind getting black so I settled for it anyway. That’s basically the reason why I’m choosing White & Silver this time as my second reason.

Black is Too Common

Most mobile phones come in black. So why not choose the other color? I admit I used to find white as more of a girl’s color but it seems that men nowadays prefer this color as well. I had several white smartphones and tablets since 2010 like the HTC Magic, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Samsung Galaxy S3, so yeah, I like the color now.


White can be easily paired with any colored cases to fit my mood for the day. So far I’ve purchased four cases (black, blue, clear and a black bumper) and it looks like i’ll be buying more.

Up to this day I check out display units of Black & Slate iPhones 5s but I still have no regret of getting a White & Silver unit. Love it to this day and I don’t think I’ll exchange it to the other color.

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