3 Reasons Why We’re Excited for the OPPO F11 Pro

We’re around a week away from the official reveal of the OPPO F11 Pro and there’s a lot to be excited about for the company’s latest mid-range entry. So much so that it’s a little hard to believe that this is the direct successor to last year’s popular F9, almost as if we’ve skipped a generation or two.

From the neat pop-up selfie camera, to the notch-less all-screen display, here are just some of the features we’re looking forward to in the new F11 Pro.


There really was nothing wrong with F9’s 3,500 mAh battery and its super fast VOOC flash charging. In fact, OPPO wasn’t shy in advertising just how fast you can get hours of talk time with just a 5 minute charge. The good news is that VOOC Flash Charging is still here, but the battery in the new F11 Pro is bigger by around 14% at 4,000 mAh so you can reasonably expect all-day battery life from this one.


When you’ve got a small enough notch like on the F9, where do you go next? Depending on who you ask, you’ll get a different answer each time. In the case of OPPO, they’ve gone for a motorized for the F11 Pro.

The 16 MP sensor on this little nubbin may sound like a step down from the 25 MP sensor on the F9, but sheer pixel count won’t tell the whole story. Equally important, and this is the main reason for the pop-up mechanism, is that this makes for a truly notch-less phone, at the mid-range segment no less!


Now, like we’ve mentioned above, sheer pixel count isn’t the end all and be all of camera sensor performance. But the latest trend in smartphone cameras is the utilization of high megapixel count sensors with Quad-Bayer designs. In simpler terms, it uses four adjacent pixels to form one pixel which captures more light, which in turn makes for better image quality. This effectively results in sharp, well-lit 12 MP photos. If that’s not enough, OPPO has even thrown in a 5 MP depth sensor for the portrait mode fanatics out there.

Three things to get excited about doesn’t sound much. But when those three mean meaningful change, it’s definitely enough to turn our heads. Stay tuned for their livestream on March 27, 2019 when OPPO officially unveils the F11 Pro here in Manila.

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