26,000+ Customers are Petitioning against Samsung’s “Inferior” Exynos Phones on Change.org

Uh- oh. People are now taking notice on Samsung’s deliberate use of Exynos SoC chips instead of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon for units outside the US. Petitioners wants such practice to stop especially when Samsung themselves admitted that the current Exynos is inferior to Qualcomm.

Titled, “Stop Selling us Inferior Exynos Phones!” the petition filed by Samsung customers to Change.org demand that Samsung gets rid of the Exynos smartphones. It’s silent, but it’s gaining momentum to the point that Samsung would probably have to acknowledge it.

Samsung sells two versions based on location for its units varying between their in-house chipset, Exynos and the better Qualcomm. The same product, same cost, but with significant difference in performance. Complaints show that Samsung Exynos smartphones have slower performance, weaker battery, worse camera sensors, and etc. However, these aren’t all inconsistent narratives. Numerous tests have seen that Exynos is truly worse than Qualcomm found in North American Units.

Apart from this, the petition is also demanding a switch in camera sensors from Samsung’s lenses, to the favored Sony.

The Change.org petition on Samsung also offers a compromise of transparency on the differences between the two chipsets and a lower cost for Exynos smartphones. In lieu of a global Qualcomm powered smartphones. Samsung has yet to respond, but we’ll make sure to get back to you once they do!

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